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Khadijah is a 20 years old graphic design student who enjoys spending her time in a couple of creative hobbies. Some are traditional such as painting, inking, and sketching. Others vary like photography, digital art, magazine design, logo design, and presentation design. Khadijah has been working part time as a graphic design freelancer in a couple of online sites since 2017 until now. She is also currently working as a designer for Kadi Art and Sa7a and looks for more opportunities to expand her creativity limits.

Mariam is 20 years old currently studying security network. She enjoys making art, reading, penpalling. Mariam is obsessed with Marvel. and Disney, some of her favorite characters are Thanos, Iron Man, and Rapunzel . Other than that, Mariam likes collecting things. She has a collection of movie tickets that goes all the way back to 2011, she collect postcards, stamps, and recently started collecting mugs! Mariam has her own business where she uses her art and turn it into products that people can use. Mariam is also the founder of Kadi's Art Organization, which she started to help support artists and all type of creators.

Nada is a 21 years old computer science student. She’s into tech, game development, art, graphic design and anything to do with creating and being versatile! She quit doing art at around high school and only picked it up again in college, she’s trying to relearn and experiment with many different mediums as well as many different styles and programs. Overall, what she likes to do the most is making happy and colorful drawings that make people smile. Her main source of inspiration are video games, Japanese stationary and internet memes. She’s a big fan of frogs and bunnies.

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Batool 19 years old. Currently studying Chemistry at New York University of Abu Dhabi and hoping to work in the research field. She Paints sometimes, but more than anything loves skincare. Her passion for skincare encouraged Batool to take courses on formulating skincare products and open her own brand, Guzel, where she makes a variety of products like bath bombs, body scrubs, facial masks and much more! Recently Batool has also taken a passion for resin art, and is currently experimenting with it!

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Mariam is 19 years old and an electronics & electrical engineering student. She has always loved science and math where her hobbies and interests have concentrated in that area. Mariam is always solving puzzles or building legos and that enhanced her problem solving skill, but she lacked on the creative side. However, she started supporting artists and local businesses and through indirectly involving herself with art she was able to find a creative outlet for herself. She started embroidery as a hobby and is having a lot of fun with it!

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Khawla is 18 years old, currently studying biotechnology! She loves to discover and learn about different topics and skills, which results in her having various hobbies! She has a great passion for art and loves to support every single form of it.She enjoy both traditional and digital painting, but have been more into digital painting lately. Khawla is a big fan of fashion and clothes and loves to always try out different styles! She enjoys jigsaw puzzles way too much and finds them so relaxing to solve. She’s a big advocate for memory boxes and collecting cute things that catch her eye. Oh she also loves anime! 

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Khawla is a 19 years old and currently majoring in International Relations. In her free time she enjoys watching anime, reading manga, snacking, and drawing every now and then. Khawla is a really spontaneous person and enjoy doing most things in her life on a whim. She's not the type of person to take things seriously which makes it easy for Khawla to get along with others. Despite staying at home often, she also enjoys going out and creating new memories and experiences with her friends. Khawla is always looking to improve and develop herself in all aspects of her life and enjoy experiences that help her grow as a person. 

Maha is an 18-year-old engineering student currently trying to indulge into her creative side. She likes solving puzzles, organizing, basically anything that has to do with fixing and solving stuff logically. She joined Kadi’s team in an attempt to grow and expand her artistry side while also learning to try new experiences out of her normal introvert ways. Working with an organization that runs on supporting artists and teaming up with an innovative, original and productive workspace she feels like would really help stem some type of innovation that she could hopefully use to cooperate into Kadi.